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What do you do when you reach a cross roads and your road map for life is missing its second page? How do you successfully raise the curtain to the second act? Despite what your Facebook friends have you believe by daily postings of wonderfully clever sayings depicted on colourful posters, life does not come with signage. This blog is Judy’s quest to find the signage that leads through the mysteries of midlife. Judy is like a good roast, well seasoned on the outside, but tender on the inside. Judy’s motto is that life is always better when one’s creative muscle gets a regular and thoroughly humorous workout.


 OK, let’s ditch the webspeak like someone else is describing me and switch to the more natural first person. I have always been suspicious of a person who refers to themselves in conversation in the third person and besides this is not a business blog.

The following sentence nicely encapsulates where I am at and also contains a neat curtain drawing reference, so seemed doubly relevant:

But as we need to draw back curtains before we can let sunshine into sheltered spaces, we may have to move some of the barriers against happiness that we keep in our own minds.


In April 2012, I undertook the A to Z April Blogging Challenge.  It was a journey lasting thirty days and twenty six posts. Looking back on those posts it seems I revealed a fair bit about myself along the way. Now, I would love nothing more than for you to read all twenty six posts, but because you’re smart and stumbled on this page, I present to you the executive summary of me through my Challenge posts.

  1. I’m an Aussie and live in the land of the perpetual BBQ and am constantly throwing shrimp (prawn) at it.
  2. I don’t do Bikram Yoga, but admire anyone who does.
  3. I have two teenage sons and a husband, the Italian Stallion, all of whom provide great blog fodder.
  4. Passionate about equality for the disabled and issues relating to this topic, although not disabled myself.
  5. Have fantasies about breeches and Mr Darcy, several Mr Darcys in fact!
  6. Love baseball and especially the Boston Red Sox.
  7. Been to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium and that’s how much of a tragic I am.
  8. There’s nothing better to wear than a great pair of blue denim jeans.
  9. Not into fake, game playing people – don’t waste my time and yours.
  10. I take gratitude out of the small things in life and have given myself permission to stop and smell the roses. It took me some time to get to this point after a great many years of trying to control my future.
  11. You’ve made it past the first 10! Congratulations, you can pass “Go” and collect $200*.
  12. *$200 in Curtain credits that is. I’ll come up with a use for them eventually.
  13. Love word play, humour, rhyming poetry and punning. I have yet to inflict the blogging world with my schlocky rhyming poetry but you never know. Birthdays and Barmitzvahs are a specialty.
  14. I am drawn to quirkiness in people. It makes life and them far more interesting. I also like wise people.
  15. I admire anyone who is truly happy. That’s not because I’m unhappy. But happiness is the sweet success of life.
  16. I love scuba and snorkelling and water sports of any kind. The fish world is soothing and calming and most coordinate colour better than I do.
  17. I am the official refiller and roll changer in my house – mostly because all of the other inhabitants are male.
  18. My ambition is to write and am doing a writing course. I have only recently tried my hand at fiction and may explore that realm a little more.
  19. Zumba is a great way to exercise, have some fun and listen to some great latin beats.
  20. Congratulations! You’ve reached “Go” again. Your prize? Not having to read anymore!

So having survived the orientation, here’s your ticket to ride.

photo from flikr
quack712’s photostream

Welcome aboard the curtain raising bus!

Like what you see? My email is chiefcurtainraiser@gmail.com.


60 thoughts on “Hi There

  1. I love the image of raising the curtain on the second half of life. It’s frightening sometimes, isn’t it? We just get the first part down and then, wham!!! We are hit with what we want to do when we grow up. Thanks for posting. I look forward to reading more.

  2. You’re so right. It’s good to meet you. I have met a few wonderful second act ladies in the blogging community who are making their second acts count. I refuse to take it lying down!

  3. Hi there Judy.

    What a great blog concept! I too have crossed into the second act stage and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my post. I look forward to reading more of your work. 🙂

  4. Judy,
    I started reading and then I disconnected, and not because of your writing, but because of my attention span. What am I doing right now?
    Le Clown

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  6. You… * shakes head*

    Lets just say that the bit about the ‘several Mr Darcys’ just went and connected itself. What more need I say?

    Thank you for visiting my blog. But for your visit, I wouldn’t have found you.


  7. I think most women know this feeling: after having changed the toilet paper roll numerous times throughout the years, then we finally get to the bathroom and lo and behold! A male just used the last bit – without changing it. Grr 😀 OR he leaves a piece of paper the size of 5 cm x 5 cm hanging on the roll and “thinks” this is enough or us. MEN! 😀

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  9. I have first to say thanks for visiting my blog and enjoying what you saw… and then to follow is a complement you have paid me… I love your about page… and from what I’ve read I will be following you, another Aussie for me to tackle over the Rugby and Cricket… lol

  10. Judy, a pleasure to read of and about you here. I’m off to something that’s on your Home page today – caught my eye and I cannot remember what it was right now. I admire your passion for baseball and scuba – I love attending a baseball once a year for ambiance, hot dogs, beer, the national anthem and sun. Tried scuba, but began in a just-filled pool that was icy cold and no scuba gear, i.e., wet suit. Too much time meditating meant I tried to breath in unison with the tanks… I fled to a hot shower before the end of the first lesson… 🙂

  11. Thanks for visiting huntmode and reading a little about me. Snorkelling is also a great relaxing sport and would be extremely good for those spent too much meditating. Listening to yourself breathing whilst watching the fish life is very, very soothing. The important thing is that least you tried scuba.

    • I missed your response to this… I love snorkling, especially with a life vest so I can paddle to my heart’s content without getting tired. Grin.

  12. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you’re liking it so far. I hope I can keep it interesting. 🙂
    I see you like to snorkel and SCUBA. Me too, I LOVE it and go whenever I can. The water is not very clear close to me here but when I go on vacation, I’ll go.
    I love puns and wordplay too, do you read Piers Anthony?
    I like your sense of humor. 🙂

    • Thank for this wonderful comment. the best snorkelling I have ever done has been on the Great Barrier reef where visibility is amazing. Tahiti around Moorea is also wonderful. Locally where I live the visibility is generally not so good. I don’t read Piers Anthony, but maybe I should, He seems to have written plenty of books and recommendations where to start?

      • Judy, Capt Jill responded on mine instead of yours – easy to do, so I’m making sure you see this re Piers Anthony and recommendations – he is a good read! –

        Capt Jill says:
        24/04/2014 at 12:36 am

        try any of his land of Xanth novels if you like puns and wordplay, they’re all good. I also liked his “Incarnations” series about ‘death’, ‘love’, ‘war’, etc.

  13. Hi Judy – i finally had time to find out a little more about the maestro behind the curtain (or if I read this before I forgot in the fog of A to Z). So happy we’ve met! Sammy D

    • Thanks so much Debi. Just swung by your blog, what an amazing Challenge effort. One word, 3 or 4 different genres per day! That’s writing stamina and talent right there. Looking forward to getting to know you through your posts.

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