Q is for Quirkiness: It’s Quite The Thing To Celebrate (#atozchallenge)

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I have a set of those magnetic word fridge magnets in my kitchen. The ones where each magnet is a word which can be combined to form sentences or thoughts or anything else that takes the author’s fancy. I thought having a set would promote creativity in my sons and communication within our family to assist with inventory control – there is much to take from a one word sentence: “milk”. Plus, I was just plain curious what my children would do with them.

The magnets have been used to comment on the garden, the weather, my sons’ self proclaimed awesomeness (well, they are teenagers) and my wisdom or rather lack thereof (well once again, they are teenagers). The other week, I woke up to find the following stuck on my fridge:

My initial reaction was laughter. My thoughts then drifted to the message being more of the same said self-proclaimed awesomeness variety and I found myself asking exactly to what apparatus was this referring? As far as I knew, my sons had not had a working chemistry set for at least five years. The thought then crossed my mind that in fact it could be my husband’s message. Well, I have to confess I have had more romantic overtures but for an attention grabber this scores about an 8.5.

I then paused and concluded that this was my younger son’s work, he of the quirky nature. I say this with a great deal of motherly love and affection for I love this quirkiness in him. Whilst this was on my fridge, to me it was totally off the wall. This type of humour for an almost 13 year old?  I’m not one to brag incessantly about my children. In fact, I survived mothers’ groups with my infants without once proclaiming they understood the theory of relativity at the age of 4 months. Oh, the pressure!

But, it has made me realise I am drawn to quirkiness and that parenting a quirky child is not without difficulties. The school system generally does not rate quirkiness highly, relying on pushing students through a mass transit system. A lot of teachers don’t value and just don’t know how to deal with difference. In the jungle of the schoolyard, there is a tendency for quirky kids to be ridiculed and abandoned. Tweeny boys look for and bond over similarities. It has been that way since the cavemen starting comparing their clubs.

My desire is that my quirky one enjoys his high school years and looks back on them as a positive experience. But I am conflicted, I don’t want him to lose his quirkiness, his uniqueness. I have this sense that as an adult his quirkiness will hold him in good stead and that it will make him stand out in the competitive crowd in positive ways. In my adult world political correctness, conservatism and uniformity abound. But ironically, it tends to be the few who are truly innovative which leave a mark on that world. And how does the innovative adult’s journey usually begin? As a quirky child.

So, on this Q day I celebrate quirkiness. May my son’s apparatus continue to rock the storm throughout his life.

About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

12 thoughts on “Q is for Quirkiness: It’s Quite The Thing To Celebrate (#atozchallenge)

  1. My kids are young still, the oldest is five. I hope he is still an original when he is 13, conformity seems the easier path. Of course, he has the weirdest mother in the playground, so I’m pretty sure normalcy isn’t an option!

    • Good luck with the parenting journey, you have much joy to come. Both your and your son’s individuality should be savoured. I hope you never feel pressurised enough to lose any weirdness :).

  2. I LOVE this post. I also LOVE Quirky. I believe I was as a child at school anyway, but not noticed as such at home. I have a granddaughter who I think is querky at four but I LOVE it. Why does EVERYbody have to be the same. What’s not to love about Quirky and UNIQUE?

  3. As a quirky person myself, I’d say yay to quirkiness 🙂

    Look forward to the rest of your challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 16 days already!
    –Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  4. Quirky people are like the Foot Loop in this dull world of Cheerios, thank goodness they exist to liven it up! He is so lucky to be born to a mother that encourages the quirkiness, the world will benefit from that decision. School is just that much harder when you are yourself…everyone else is so busy trying to be the same, you just stick out even more. I hope his apparatus rocks throughout his high school years and beyond!

    • Thanks F, we were so lucky with the start of his school life, he had the most AMAZING of teachers in his first who not only understood, but encouraged individuality. Her apparatus really rocked.

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