Hippo Bloat and Implausible Gnus: Closing the Loop On My Let’s Phlog Monday Post

Following on from my last post about a collective of bloggers, here are the answers to the collective noun matching game:

Mumeration of starlings
Weyr of dragons
Storytelling of ravens
Rabble of butterflies
Ascension of larks
Fesnyng of ferrets
Convocation of eagles
Generation of vipers
Bloat of hippopotami
implausibility of gnus


Surprised? Think some of these are wonderfully appropriate? Humoured? Feel more educated? Couldn’t Give a Collective Noun F…?  The last is so implausible,  it could be a group of these!

 And now for the announcement of the winners of the 100 Curtain Credits (drumroll please):

The winner is….Sisyphus 47 for his answers and a bonus 20 Credits for giving it a go.

Also 50 Curtain Credits to btg5885, also affectionately known as Old Fart (he is anything, but) who blogs at Musings of An Old Fart. OF’s blog is thoughtful and compassionate and if there were more people in the world with OF’s sentiments, it would be a much better place. The Credits are rewarded for coming up with the groovy collective term “blogosophers” to describe the group of thinking man’s bloggers and for stating that I am one of them. Thanks OF, you too are a blogosopher of the first order.

Can we have collective noun of applause for these true winners, please?