Tawny’s blog and Tawny’s posts always carry a meaningful message and this one is no exception. I love Tawny’s outlook and so am reblogging this.

I came across a couple of wonderful sayings recently:
“Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear and discipline.”

“You can’t heal what you don’t confront”

Yes, yes a thousand time yes – to both!

So that said, what would I ask my fears if I invited them to dinner? “What is the essence of you that makes you so gripping?”

Can’t wait for the further instalments in Tawny’s Fear Act series.

The Tawny's Blog

How does fear manifest itself in your life?  How do you deal with it once you recognize it? 

In Fear Act I, I shared a scenario to illustrate the sneaky nature of fear as it related to my attachment to my first baclofen pump.

I hadn’t expected the piece to mirror any relationship where fear creeps in, but was pleasantly surprised by the development because it does work the same way with everything.

We give others our personal power often in relationships.  Much the same way I gave my personal power to my first pump.  This is also what happens in depression, addictive behavior and with those who go from relationship to relationship.

Why do we do give away our power?  We do it for any number of reasons—insecurity, low self-worth, the belief that we need something or someone else to “complete” us, avoidance of looking inward, etc. 


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