Let’s Phlog Monday: All Is Swell

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day – when it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May

And I’ve got these wonderful two opening lines from the Temptations 1965 classic My Girl shuffling around in my head as a precursor to the pictures to follow.

After last week’s rain burst, the sun has returned to our fair shores bringing some enjoyable winter days. Whilst it’s still cold, the sun has taken the edge off the chill during the day and brightness has replaced the dull somberness of eternal cloud.  Whenever it’s a sunny day, my optimism escalates. Most of us Aussies are sun chasers. When there’s sun, there’s hope of a warmer existence. During winter I scour the house for wind-protected sun patches and chase the movement of the sun as it filters through the windows with the passing day.

Aussies also tend to love the beach and I am lucky enough to be within reach of some amazing ones. The legacy of the Southerly of the week before was midweek six foot swells on our surf beaches. The surfers donned their wetsuits and came out to ride the waves. The dolphins smiled, looked on and frolicked. The whitewash was like shaving cream.

Before the photos, a touch of surfing humour:

 How do surfers clean themselves?

 They wash up on shore!

I consider surfers in six foot wintry swells to be very brave people. But days like these to a surfer are like rare manna from heaven and out they come to feast. The shots were taken just before dusk.

Waves Crashing

Pipeline Curling

Arms Thrashing

Board and Rider Hurling

Are you a sun chaser or do you prefer to be out of the sun?

About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

41 thoughts on “Let’s Phlog Monday: All Is Swell

  1. I’m a summer baby, for sure. Not only am I an Aussie, but I was born in December. I love the sun and the ocean.

    There’s a place at the north end of Maroubra beach where you can climb down into the rocks and find a cave. I used to love sitting there, watching the waves crash against the base of the rocks. In the summer, it sparkled. In the winter, it roared. I was literally in awe of it.

    At the same time, I avoid the sun. I’m fair and I burn easily and I hate sunburn. I do not wish to grow up with dark brown lizard skin and cancer. I also dislike the beach. “They wept like anything to see such quantities of sand. If this were only cleared away, they said, it would be grand.” I hate having sand in my hair and clinging to my feet, and I’m actually afraid of the ocean. But I love to look.

    • I’ll have to check out the north Maroubra site, sounds lovely. Thanks for the tip :). I’m a January baby and summer all the way, matey. Love the power of the ocean, can stare at it for hours.

  2. Lovely photo’s, Jude. I hide from the sun. I like it in principle but am much more comfortable in winter; at least you can warm up!
    The bright sunshine does lift the spirits of the soul, however and make you feel as though the heavens are smiling down on you.

  3. I am a winter girl. Seeing your photos and reading your blog is giving me hope during these hot southern summer days. I heard when we first moved here that in the summer even the clouds sweat. I agree. Love the photos of the beach, the waves look awesome. I am a mountain, winter, snow girl, but I do appreciate the sun, sand and beach. Have a great week. DAF

    • OK DAF, I’m going to see if I can take some pictures for you of some of our mountains or more craggy landscapes. You’ve given me an idea ;). But if I can cool you down with my pics over your summer, then it’s all good!

    • Once I got so sunburned, my face swelled up and I looked liked Madam Michelin Face for four days!. Seriousy my nose disappeared into my cheeks. Been a lot more careful since then. Of course, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

      • Ouch! That sounds brutal! I never got sunburned that badly, but there was one day in my mid teens when I spent almost six hours on a beach, clam digging of all things! Forgot the sun screen and forgot all about the time passing, and that night when I looked in the mirror, my face looked impossibly red! I was also a lot more careful since then… Lol

  4. You had me with The Temptations. I like being outdoors, but having been raised in Florida, it can be taken to an extreme. Layer on the sunscreen and go for it. I am reminded of the Aussie who did “The Sunscreen” song where he provided advice to teenagers about life – starting and ending with wearing sunscreen.

    • Florida certainly has a heat all it’s own. We were there last year in early July – phew! But I loved it. Every year, we have several campaigns about sunscreen which seems to fall on deaf ears. Australia has one of the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. “Slip, slop, slap” is the catch phrase for creaming up.

  5. I crave the sunshine. It gives me my serotonin burst. It’s fun to read about you starting winter, while I’m finally starting summer. But sadly, I have no beach near me. 😦

    • Do you have natural freshwater to swim in? I guess because I don’t have lakes and rivers near me, I love swimming in fresh water, there’s nothing like it. Also tastes a heck of a lot better ;).

    • I know all about sun scaricity induced cranky. Every winter, about late July/early August we get articles about Aussies suffering from winter sickness. We are hopeless that way.

  6. Looks cold……I’m a sun chaser….literally….we drive down to the coast regularly because we live so much of our lives in the permanent cloud of the mountains.

      • On the tropical coast typical mid-winter temps are 17min to 25 max, but up here in on the Tablelands we get occasional frosts and when we’re stuck with winter blowing drizzle 12 min to 15 max……not good enough! 🙂

  7. Hi,
    Great photos, you can’t beat the Aussie beaches always beautiful regardless of Season.
    I like both Summer and Winter, I enjoy a break from the hot Summer days during Winter, but still enjoy sitting by the beach in a nice sheltered spot in Winter usually with fish and chips. 😀

    What part of Australia are you from?

      • I’m in Brisbane, and the weather although rather cold in the morning and night has been great during the day, we had some bad wind and rain last week (nothing like you experienced down there) but this week so far fantastic. 🙂

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