Let’s Phlog Monday: A Little Warmth And A Whole Lot of Renewal

I can’t believe that August is almost over and with it, winter. It has been a cold one here, windy and flu ridden and I am happy to bid it goodbye. Not that I desire to wish time away, certainly not at this stage of the game. But when the sun shines and the shivering stops, the heart swells just a little more and the momentum of renewal grows.

Spring in Australian doesn’t officially start until 1 September, but it has been the in the air for the last week or so. There are stirrings of colour in our gardens and insect activity has been on the increase. This is almost one of those perfect moments of the year. The harshness of winter is all but behind us and now our seasons of warmth and increased outdoor activity beckon. An almost child-like sense of anticipation pervades and it’s all ahead of us.

Not my photo although I wish it were!

And like the seasons cycle, so do the seasons within our lives. Happily, my own personal sense of renewal has coincided with the start of Spring! Coincidence? Methinks not. The Universe has a way of delivering to us the appropriate backdrops for our personal seasons or perhaps the Universe is the driving force behind the change of those seasons. Whatever the rationale, I’m riding this wave for all it is worth from the lucky position of never having suffered from hay fever!!

I am more than ready for some colour to re-enter my world. Here’s some early Spring Sydney colour that I captured over the last week together with a shot of the big bath tub that was our waveless beach.





It means that T-shirt, shorts and sandals weather is just around the corner together with cooking and entertaining outdoors. Goodbye hibernation, hello interactive community!











Do you have a favourite flower? What colours in nature draw your eye? When was the last time you had an almost child-like sense of anticipation?



About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

20 thoughts on “Let’s Phlog Monday: A Little Warmth And A Whole Lot of Renewal

  1. I can see that this is not only my first year of blogging but also my first year of closley watching on a daily basis as my new Australian friends bake in the sun while I freeze my ass off. We are just starting to see the cool nights begin here and the begiining of the end of summer. Enjoy, and I hope the warm months are just as wonderful there as they have been here.

    • Thanks MB, really looking forward to it. I must say I have felt rather lonely out in the cold during the last couple of months, reading about all the wonderful warm weather adventures being had by all the Northern Hemisphere bloggers.

  2. Happy oncoming spring Judy. It seems so funny that we are coming into winter and you are entering spring. I do have a favorite flower called the Hydrangea. I love every single color these beautiful giant blooms come in and they are a staple here in the south. As far as having a child- like sense of anticipation. I have one each time I fire up my computer with an idea of creating something beautiful in my digital world.

  3. So glad we are experiencing season changes again… the flowers in bloom are beautiful and as I sit and watch the weather for tropical storm Isaac, I am reminded that these storms beckon the beginning of winter!! Cannot wait for jeans, sweatshirts and potentially gloves! Love your post, enjoy your spring. DAF

      • Isaac is far from us… we will most likely get some rain and humidity, but that is all… I am just a weather channel junkie, so when there is a big storm I end up watching non stop, like my watching will make it move faster, end quicker or change outcomes of it… but, the storms do mean winter is coming and that is a good thing… enjoy your day! DAF

  4. Love the post and the pics! There truly is something special about the change of seasons. The anticipation for something new does wonders for the mind and soul. As far as the flowers go, I find that I am recently fond of hibiscus. I’m hoping to add one or two to the patio here shortly.

  5. Happy Spring when everything seems new and exciting again! Beautiful colors, warm weather and start something new. I’m getting ready to enjoy Fall with gem toned colored trees, which I enjoy very much.

  6. I also celebrate the arrival of Spring. Whilst in the tropics we don’t have the seasonal extremes that you have down there I still dislike Winter and the way Mother Nature (like me) seems to grind to a halt waiting for the warmth of Spring.

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