Raising The Curtain On My 100th Post

Today I feel like a real milestonemason.

Ok, that’s probably not a word, but it sounds good and seems to fit the occasion.

The tagline for this blog reads “Life At the Crossroads”. Little did I know when I penned that tagline, that today my blog would be very much at the crossroads. For today is where my 100th post meets the first anniversary of this blog.

Image courtesy of freedigital photos.net

Image courtesy of freedigital photos.net

Balloons celebration



Hard to believe that a year ago I pressed that daunting blue “publish” button for the very first time.

Over the past year,  I have:

Raised The Curtain on the journey through mid-life

Raised The Curtain on creativity which had long laid dormant

Raised The Curtain on raising sons and parenting teenagers survival tactics

Raised The Curtain on what it means to be Australian and live in Australia

Raised The Curtain on my introspective musings occasionally spouting some wisdom

Raised The Curtain on the humorous aspects of life

Raised The Curtain on aspects of life bordering on the ridiculous

Raised The Curtain on my writing skills

all through the vehicle of this blog.

Most importantly, I have also:

Raised The Curtain to my emotions. To those whose blogs I follow, I say thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your world. Thank you for making me laugh, for making me cry, for making me feel connected and for making me think and marvel at your amazing talents. It’s been a great year of discovery.

Raised The Curtain on some wonderful blogging friendships. No matter that thousands of miles may physically separate us, it seems like you’re just next door.  The following bloggers deserve special thanks for making this past year of blogging a fun and inspiring affair:

Lisa at Life With The Top Down                        Sisyphus at Glass & Paper

Chris at Word Play                                               DAF at dearanonymousfriend

Lynne at Free Penny Press                                 Elyse at Fifty Four And a Half

Tess at How the Cookie Crumbles                    John at The Sound of One Hand Typing

Jen at Ramblings From A Mum                       Carrie at The Write Transition

Elkement at The Theory And Practice of Trying to Combine Just Anything

Gaupowitz at Guapola                                        Arlee at Tossing It Out

BTG at Musings of An Old Fart                       Jen at News of The Times

All quality blogs from quality bloggers.

And thank you to ALL of my followers and those who have dropped a like or a comment or two here at Curtaindom. Your little bit of cyberlove is much appreciated.

Great motivation for another year of pulling at ropes and letting in more light.

Not sure where the crossroads will lead, but I am grateful that the blogging community is here to share the journey.

200 posts by the second anniversary? Who knows?

But here’s to  Raising the Curtain just a little higher one post at a time.

Lifting the curtain

About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

35 thoughts on “Raising The Curtain On My 100th Post

  1. Always a pleasure seeing the curtain rise in my inbox.
    Congrats on 100, can’t wait to see what comes next!

    Now off to check out the blogs you name…

  2. Wow – thanks a lot for mentioning me in your milestone post – i am flattered! Though the list reminds me of the fact that my blog name is much too long 😀 (something to blog about someday…)
    Once more, greetings from Austria to Australia – from your antipode fellow blogger!

    Was it an accident that the 100th post and the anniversary coincided? Or did you plan it that way?

    • A good blogger never reveals her secrets other than to say it was a happy coincidence that I reached post 98 about a 10 days from my blog anniversary. I did notice the length of your blog title when writing out that list, it’s a great description.

  3. Judy, well done!! I always enjoy your perspective. I must confess I do an audible groan when I see you have not written in awhile. So, you are missed when you are out living your life and not penning a few words. Congratulations on 100 posts. Thanks for the shout out, by the way. Usually, I am on bad lists, so it is nice to be on a good one for a change. BTG

  4. Congratulations on two milestones in one — quite a feat of timing. May the next year and the next hundred be as much fun as these have been for all of us.

    And thank you for the shoutout — I am off to check out the couple I don’t already know!

  5. Congrats on the 100 posts! What a lovely way to celebrate it. I always manage to let these milestones go unnoticed. My blog is probably irritated with me for that. But it is very humbled and honored to be mentioned in your post today. Thank you so much! I agree–the interaction with other bloggers is what makes this experience so inviting and fun. Good luck with your next 100 posts. 🙂

    • Thanks Carrie. It seems that there were quite a few quality blogs that were started last March all with anniversaries within the last couple of weeks. It was a great reminder to celebrate these milestones.

  6. Congratulations! How wonderful! for your year anniversary and 100 posts! I am a couple away from 100. I have loved getting to know you this year. I refer to you as my blogging friend from Australia. You have blessed my life with so much this year and I am looking forward to many years of your wonderful words. Thanks for the mention, that humbles me.

  7. Well done Judy! For one year I have looked forward to your wonderful words. I’m so glad I was along for the journey…I’m really looking forward to your A-Z challenge. I loved it last year! Cheers to a wonderful year 2!
    Thanks for the mention : )

  8. Congrats Judy on your big milestone… I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and wish you all the best on your creative endeavours in the future! 🙂 B

  9. My darling I thank you for the mention. It is amazing to think that when we first started into the blogging world…would we ever meet so many talented and true ‘virtual’ friends as we have. Your posts are down to earth and in true Aussie style that is why I follow and I am sure others do. You have talent as a writer and I am glad that you have shared yourself with the rest of the world. xx

    • Awww Jen. I love it that you think I’m down to earth. The way I blog is the way I live my life… feet firmly planted on the ground. I’m glad our blogs have lead us to cross paths, meeting you virtually was a great start to my year 🙂

  10. My goodness! Thank YOU for the mention. I always enjoy reading your diverse posts, which are not only beautifully written but of universal interest. What a milestone! Many, many more.

    • I really appreciate your sentiments, Tess. Your blog was one of the first I followed when I landed here and it’s one of the best decisions I made. Here’s to another year for both of us!

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