It’s Unofficially Official: Feeling The Love In Australian Politics

Forgive me WordPress for I have sinned, it has been 41 days since my last post. Suitably repentant, I await your pronouncement.

Just popped back to share the political love.

You may remember, we used to have a female Prime Minister. Now we don’t. She didn’t get voted out by the people, no siree, that would be far too democratic. She got voted out by her party only to be replaced by the guy whom she knifed in a similar leadership spill about 3 years ago. The same guy whose senior party colleagues pronounced that his methods of leadership were unworkable and lead to a paralysis in party and Government decision making. Our first female Prime Minister went out in a blaze of orange haired glory amidst an onslaught of blue tie wearing men, cries of misogyny against our male politicians, most notably the leader of the Opposition and visions of knitting yarn and crocheted kangaroos (for the royal baby of course).

All of this because Australia must hold a federal election this year and the governing party got jittery over its serious slide in the polls. So, in a back to the future move, it reinstalled the campaigner and got rid of the governor.

Are you with me so far?

In short, we have been swamped by politics and received little governance. Democracy in this country has taken a hit.

men in blue tiesWithout a wiener or a sexting in site (our politics are simply not that colourful, especially not after all the male politicians starting wearing blue ties) the question on everyone’s lips is when will the new Prime Minister call the election? This is important because it will be held in Spring. In Spring people start to stir from their winter hibernation and they have wedding vows to exchange, holidays to take, gardens to tend and lives to lead.

Being the good organised governor she was, our former female Prime Minister set the date for 14 September 2013. In an unprecedented move she set this date in February so that the ever dutiful populace could clear their diaries. The new guy wants to keep us guessing.

So we are having an election, we just don’t know when and the Opposition can smell blood in the water.

It’s unofficially official, we are NOT in election campaign mode.

Except no-one told my local candidates, who have suddenly woken from their slumber after two decades of hibernation. I’m feeling so much love, I can’t tell you.

Let me digress with a little background. Australia is divided into 150 electorates. For the purposes of determining which party governs, we each get to vote for our own local member who sits in the lower house. Whichever party has the majority in the lower house governs. Unlike the United States we do not vote directly for our Prime Minister, unless he or she happens to be our local member and is the leader of the party who wins. I live in a safe party seat. The details of which party has reigned supreme doesn’t matter, suffice to say that to lose the seat would have required a swing of between 8-13%, a huge margin in Australian politics. So no attention for us, after all the prize has always remained in the bag. The prize for us being a bald-headed, former high profile rock star local member who only turned up to attend school annual prize giving ceremonies.

Now, however, there’s a real contest here because the popularity of the Government at the hands of our female Prime Minister has suffered greatly. And that’s not because she’s female, rather because of

Do you think they know it's a battle of the polls, not a battle of the poles?

Do you think they know it’s a battle of the polls, not a battle of the poles?

her inability to connect. And suddenly, our Opposition candidate has popped up in the electorate with a physical and media presence. A couple of weeks ago he was standing on a median strip in the middle of a six lane road during morning peak hour waving cheesily to passing motorists. He wasn’t standing at a traffic light, so couldn’t talk to anyone, but just stood there waving. What he was hoping to achieve other than a death wish was anyone’s guess.

Posters have popped up everywhere bearing his image, trucks are driving around on the weekends bearing yet more posters and love letters are coming in the mail.

Better yet, his office is phoning asking us what we think are the three most important issues facing Australia today and asking who will we vote for. A personal call, with a real voice, caring about what we think. Such love, and we have only just begun, well not really, because it’s not official yet.

Ever had one of those friends who only come around when they want something? Especially one in a blue tie? Yeah, me too.

Sort of officially unofficial friendship if you ask me.

Have you ever felt the love from a politician? Do long political campaigns hold your interest? What do you think of blue ties?






About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

13 thoughts on “It’s Unofficially Official: Feeling The Love In Australian Politics

  1. Welcome back I shall forgive you for sinning and staying away so long. How relaxed must you be 🙂 Grrr don’t get me started on this whole mess. Mr. S just hopes it’s not August 24th (his birthday) mind you 5 mins up the road to pop in a ballot paper will not cause him too much grief if it’s then. Never felt any love from any politician, the hungrier they get the smarmier they become. No PLEASE let’s just get the stupid thing over with, blue ties..perhaps just to string half of them up with! Sorry mybad. Welcome back 😉

    • Relaxed, no. Been writing uni essays and such and blog inspiration has been far away. Is Mr S now in the clear with his birthday? I think Rudd would have had to call it by now for the 24th. Agree with you about the over and done with part, the last couple of months in politics have been farcical.

  2. Welcome back Judy. It is great to read your words again. Thanks for the lesson on Australian politics. When you figure yours out, can you come to America and help us with ours? We have decided to make it harder for real people to be heard here with it taking so much money to get elected and treating corporations as people (they have feelings, too). I thought your former PM got a raw deal, but that was from many thousands of miles away. G-Day Mate. You have been missed. BTG

    • Thanks BTG, I don’t think I’ll ever figure it out, other than to say if you ran a corproration the way our politicians run the country, it would be run into the ground very quickly. One thing this whole experience has taught me is that politics and governance are two vastly different things, just becuase you can play politics doesn’t mean you can govern. Did she get a raw deal? Yes I think so, but the population never forgot how she got the into the job in the first place.

    • This comment made my eyes crinkle too. I’m sorry to have messed with your beauty regime :). But thank you, Tess. I have missed blogging, have been bogged down in academic writing and such. It’s hard to come up with the right blog material when checking footnotes.

  3. Glad you’re back, and glad we’re not alone here in the good ‘ol USA with too much officialdom and little governance. Misery loves company.

    • Thanks Jagoda. Australia is with the USA all the way, although if we had a few more orators of the calibre that your country has, we might actually be taken a little bit more seriously.

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