Mother of Sons? You Might Just Be A Ladybromum

Weekends are for blowing away the weekday cobwebs and what better way to start the process than by reading the weekend papers?

Weekend papers contain all sorts of intriguing nuggets and tidbits that are wonderfully self contained. One of these nuggets is a little feature called “Dictionary For The Modern World” which introduces readers to modern day linguistics by describing words and their meaning. Today’s word was ladybro:

A ladybro is a man’s female friend (or girlfriend) who is cool enough to hang with the boys. She must share their appreciation of beer, sport and all forms of humour involving bodily secretions. Princesses need not apply.

This little snippet caught my eye for several reasons. Firstly, I have always regarded myself as a bit of a ladybro (although in my day the term was probably “tomboy”) without the liking for beer. I have played wingman for my guy friends, attended many a sporting event with them,  laughed at their fart jokes and judged burping contests. If that grosses you out, then maybe you should take your kitten heels and jump off this post here. Don’t get me wrong, I can do ladylike. It’s just that it’s way too much work, so its reserved for special or mandatory occasions.

I’m also the mother of sons, not daughters, so naturally found this definition highly relevant to my adult parenting life.

And being the punster and blog writer that I am, I naturally concluded after seeing this definition that there should be a parental variant, ladybromum:

A mother of sons who is cool enough to hang with them. She must share their appreciation for cereal at all hours of the day and night, sport, computers and all forms of humour involving bodily secretions (and never admit to that in polite company). She must give as good as she gets and never wear pink, but must enjoy a good wrestle and endure being tickled. Princesses will be eaten.

So are you or would you want to be a ladybromum?

son quoteFor me the answer is a resounding yes. The state of ladybromumness is about fun and connection and some parenting messages are best delivered in ladybromum mode. The stuff about cleaning rooms, folding laundry, rinsing dishes are far more effective delivered in ladybromum mode. The alternative is seen as nagging and is eminently forgettable. And of course some of the most poignant moments of parenting involve bodily secretion humour. It’s the great leveler. No one is immune as much as polite society may think otherwise.

And as a ladybromum you really know you have made it to the top when your sons invite their friends over and don’t immediately shoo you out of the room or when you are invited to share a big bowl of Cheerios at 3am in the morning.

So ladybromums unite. One day your sons will thank you for your fortitude, authenticity and relaxed attitudes by introducing you to their very own ladybro. By which time all that play wrestling with your sons will have well and truly payed off.

Ladybromum solidarity forever!

About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

16 thoughts on “Mother of Sons? You Might Just Be A Ladybromum

  1. I love this post! I am indeed a Ladybromum, or at least I think I am. On a good day, my sons would probably say so, too. However, they’ll likely still point out that I nag at times, and I guarantee I will never welcome any frogs or other creatures without fur (nor many with fur…). But I love your term. I will try it out on my sons today. We’ll see how receptive they are. (We’re taking them to a waterpark hotel today so they darn well better be receptive to the term! 😉 )

  2. Judy, I mean ladybromum, this is priceless. Well done. We have two boys and a girl who can hold her own with her bros. Guys, also have a different definition of the cleanliness test than girls. We smell a shirt and pants laying in a closet and if they don’t reek, will put them back on, especially when in college. Ladybromums at some point have to tell the guys they have passed the time for something (or someone’s body) to be laundered. All the best, BTG

    • Ah, the dance between male and female even over laundry, but a ladybromum would definitely make the lesson a fun one. I never thought about it before your comment but I suppose you are right, there would be ladybrosisses as well. Go the ladybros at all levels! Merry Christmas BTG.

  3. You are the top ladybromum, queen of the pack. I know nothing of boys because my world was girls (five) and everyone else in the family had girls except for two boys.

    I do understand its a ‘nother world with boys as I’ve know only girls outnumbered by brothers. I love this post and the way you think.

    • Why thank you Ms Tess. A lesson is still a lesson even if it is taught with a laugh. I think we women take way too much for our boys. It’s time we started relating to them in a way that is not overwhelming for them. Living in a house dominated by makes is certainly not for the faint hearted ;). It’s funny most of our social circle ended up having sons.

      • I’ve noticed Moms need to acclimate to testosterone laden atmosphere in her home to be taken seriously and counted a one of the guys. Ha ha. Your resume shines.:-P.

  4. I always wanted five boys. I got two girls. Now, I may not be the mother of sons, but I can certainly tell you that my girls can fart with the best of them, guzzle a beer, talk sports and belch the alphabet, all in kitten heels and their tiaras never slip. Nothing like helping a daughter into a prom dress while talking about popping pimples, and belching… yes, I have very sweet sensitive women that I am proud to have raised. What category would I be in? Great post, loved it and am still laughing. DAF

    • Prom night sounds like it was a fun experience. I now have a great visual of what it must have been like – thank you :). Your daughters sound like fine ladybro women. Your grandson is in for a wonderful ride.

  5. You’re hilarious :). But I do so relate. I only have one son, but I love his energy and his mates and all they do around our joint. I’m not in the mix of it, but because we live in a small flat, I am one wall away and I smile – much.

    • Thanks for coming by and dropping such a lovely comment. Anyone who says I’m hilarious is welcome anytime :). Indeed, boys’ energy can be very uplifting, particularly after the toddler years have passed ;).

  6. Interesting… Cimmorene and I have never heard of the term “ladybro”. (She is mulling around the term right now.) She sometimes uses the term “buddy Cimmy” when she is more in this frame of mind than usual, if that makes sense. She’s acquainted with “tomboy” all right, and our oldest, our daughter, embraces that term proudly.

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