Introducing Let’s Phlog Mondays…And Some Mood Music

Mondays, what use are they, really?

Mondays just can’t relax, they have to come at you a million miles an hour and then bammmm, smack you in the face. And if that’s not enough, Mondays like to announce their presence somewhere around 4pm Sunday afternoon to enhance your pleasure.

However, I do have some sympathy for Mondays. Mondays have one of the hardest gigs around as Saturdays and Sundays are such hard acts to follow. Mondays are the boot camp sergeants of the week constantly barking and getting us back into the routine to prepare us for the week ahead.

Feeling a bit manic?

Tell me why, folks…

What’s on your mind on Mondays?

Now that I’ve buttered you up with some Monday mood music, I’m here to introduce…Let’s Phlog Mondays. Every Monday I will feature a photograph of my world. I am just starting to experiment with camera apps and my city and country contain some wonderful photogenic subject matter. Hopefully some of the pictures will connect with you or otherwise cause you to have a reaction of some sort…whether good or bad. They might even take the manic out of your Monday and bury those Monday blues.

Welcome to a slice of my world and Let’s Phlog Mondays.

I took this with a simple smart phone camera app. No gimmicks, no edits. This is the photo in the raw. I simply love this capture…a case of being in the right place at the right time. This was taken about 5.00pm in mid May in a town called Yamba which is located in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. I was walking along the banks of the Clarence River when the sun started to set. The town has an amazing caravan park which shares this view. It was located behind me as I was taking the photo.

One word describes this photo:


Hope your Monday is peaceful.