Blogging, Because You Might Just Learn Something #zerotohero

The WordPress Commissionsers have phoned through with the three next assignments.

Assignment 2: edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget

Assignment 3: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

Assignment 4:  follow five new topics in the Reader, and begin finding blogs (and bloggers) you love.

Blog Title, Tagline and Widget

When I started my blog, it was (and still is) all about exploration. My title had to reflect not only this aspect but also that I was uncovering something I felt should have been obvious and discussed amongst my cohort but was hidden. I briefly toyed with the idea of “lifting the veil” and thought about “carping diems”. I eventually settled on “Raising the Curtain” because it was a common expression, easy to remember and was still available as a URL in the “net” identifier. I will admit to reading Blogging for Dummies ever so briefly before I started which had suggested a custom URL from the beginning for ease of transportability between hosts. This made sense to me because if I was destined for blogging greatness, I could eventually create a brand. Hence the name Curtain Raiser and the curtain banner.

I had this notion that whilst I was waiting for blogging greatness, the least I could do is learn whatever science was behind branding, promotion, and copyrighting through this blog. This blog is therefore not just a personal vehicle, but also a pseudo professional one to learn the technical and creative skills necessary to write persuasively. The content is very much personal, but the blog is also my creative sandpit.

One day, I have my sights on freelancing. When the energy finally claps out and the adrenalin rush of corporate deal making ceases, I hope to have the digital and journalistic skills necessary to become a freelancer. It’s my dream and I firmly believe that I am not too old and it is not too late. Blogging has been a real blessing in a lot of ways, it has taught me a lot and will still teach me even more.

All of this to say, I have not changed either my blog title nor my tagline.

I did however add an “About this Blog” widget to my side bar as the WordPress Commissioners suggested. Sometimes it is not obvious what a blog is about and most readers don’t want to or have the time to read five blog posts to find out. It is not easy to distil what a blog is about in one sentence (even if it is on the slightly longish side), but as it often does, inspiration struck during my morning walk. Creativity and exercise must be related in some way, at least in Curtaindom.

What was on my Mind as a Fledgling Blogger?

Good question. I have answered most of it above.

One other element that was on my mind at the time was signage. You’ll see it referenced in my tagline and in my very first post and

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

comes up routinely in my explorations. I am a journeyman and believe you can’t be taught experience, you can only gain it. The only way forward most of the time is by doing despite the fear and this blog and the A to Z Challenges are all about that. However, I was also hoping for some answers to the changes taking place in my life and within my family dynamics.  More specifically, I was seeking direction and a path for the way forward.

In seeking that, I have discovered that it is not always possible to see that far ahead. Sometimes your visibility is only as far as one step. Whilst that was a worry when I started blogging, it no longer is. One step is all I need to move forward at a time. Sometimes, I still feel the need to strategize and look at the bigger picture, but if the answer is not immediate then I’m far less uncomfortable with that now.

I love the flow I’m going with. And surprise, it’s so much easier than having everything mapped out and being disappointed when things don’t go as expected.

There is no doubt I was looking to grow and have grown through this blog.

There is no doubt, I will continue to do so.

And gosh darn, I’ve gone all deep again and I was meant to be 49 posts away from doing that.

So I’m now off to visit some of my fellow Zero to Hero bloggers to tackle assignment 4 and will leave you with this piece of parenting humour for you to enjoy (because there are definitely days when I feel like this):

Scumbag parents - internet

About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

26 thoughts on “Blogging, Because You Might Just Learn Something #zerotohero

  1. I’m glad you are a rebel and did not change your page or tag line…they are perfect and scream to so many of us out here who are also raising one curtain or another in their lives. I have also become much more settled in areas of my life that were scattered before writing and reading in the blog world and I am better for it. It’s very comforting to know that you are not alone.

    • Glad your journey has been a positive one and that blogging has given you clarity. Who would have thought we would be still here and enjoying this blogging caper 18 months down the track?

  2. I have these “assignments” on my to-do list, along with a lot of other work-related stuff. Heck, I’d be happy if I could post SOMETHING tonight. I’m going to catch up with this blog stuff real soon! And I’m also going to stop rambling in your comment box. haha

  3. Judy, being a curious sort, I tend to learn something new everyday. Even if it is reinforcing a belief or concern, to me that is time well spent. Yes, people should blog and read the blogs of others. Indeed, you just might learn something. G’Day Mate, BTG

    • Same, I have actually changed jobs to keep learning and challenge myself. I have found that if I stop learning I get bored very easily. It’s one of life’s true pleasures. G’day mate, back to you.

  4. I came to your blog because of your blog name. It roused my curiosity and I am so glad it did! I have loved your blog since. You are my blogging hero, after all! I am terrible, I don’t do much in the way of research for blogging, I sort of just jumped in and keep going. Thanks for this post, as always, I have loved it…

    • Feel free to jump in at anytime and try and few of the assignments even if you don’t post about them. Most of them are fun as well :). And thank you, your blog was one of the first I followed and have enjoyed it since.

      • So many new things to try and so little time. 😛
        Thank you for sticking with me. I have always enjoyed visiting your blog too. A lot of time I’m much too tired to write anything of note. 😛

  5. Your post reminded me that not only has blogging introduced me to fellow bloggers around the world and served as a platform from which to market my book, it taught me a lot. I’ve learned so many technical things from blogging. I’m doing things on my computer that I never thought I would before. I’m far from an IT wizard, but it feels good to be the one in the family that people come to with computer questions. Well, sometimes. 😉

    • Re the computer questions, especially if those questions come from your kids ;). Learning about the technical side has been daunting but there really is only one way to learn and that’s by putting it put there and doing. One day I’ll master putting words on a photo – something you do really well.

      • Thank you. I just use Windows Paint. It’s pretty limiting so I need to get something better. But then that will be one more thing to learn. Sigh.

  6. I am in this challenge and visiting your blog I am glad you did not change anything I love red and what you did with your awards on the sidebar. Great blog keep it up.

  7. I loved this, Judy. It’s beautiful. I think you did an excellent job of “defending” your blog design choices. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  8. I do so love your ‘about’ piece, you have covered it nicely. I’m glad Raising the Curtain remains, as we are all unique with whatever we decide on what our blog name should be. I was a bit of this, a bit of that and a mum, so mine seemed to fit. Thought I have wanted or contemplated changing… I even put a post out asking if I should. This is me and who I am, as this is you and who you are. am like Carrie it also is a platform for my book and I think it has proved worthy. You delve so much deeper than I. Different strokes for different folks and you handle your site perfectly. 🙂 x

    • Thanks Jen. Delving is one of the cornerstones of this blog and my present journey. I wish I had done a lot more of it sooner, but instead I just did what was expected of me. I must say that your ramblings are one of the most coherent I’ve read 😉

      • aww sweet you 🙂 thank you. I shall continue to prattle, the other sounds a bit like being back at School – and I disliked School so I’ll leave that up to you 😉 x

  9. I hope one day you do realise your dream of freelancing. The quality of your writing remains the best I have seen on WP. I’ve discovered that my reasons for blogging change as time goes by. Initially it was an autobiography of sorts for the benefit of my children because I knew virtually nothing about my own father’s life, philosophy and thoughts. Since then it’s just, well….gone to the dogs. 🙂

    • Just one question for you: Who let the dogs out, who, who? 🙂

      Nothing wrong with an evolving blog or the rationale for starting yours. More power to you in putting your thoughts and philosophies out their for your children (and the children of the world), there should be more of it.

      And thank you for your comments on the quality of my writing, I truly appreciate it.

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