Cheerio and Welcome to my Modern Day Cereal Drama

I have just finished my sixty ninth consecutive Cheerios breakfast.

Well, almost. I did break up the series one day a couple of weeks ago when I luxuriated in a breakfast of home-made fig jam. I can assure you that the maker of said fig jam did not come from this home for I wouldn’t want my image of the undomestic Goddess to be tarnished. If people know you can cook, it only creates pesky expectations even if you can only sort of cook, so better not to go there.

calm breakfast

This less than cheerful Cheeriofest started some months ago when youngest (Geekchild) proclaimed that he absolutely loves Cheerios and could I please round up some in my weekly hunting and gathering trip to the supermarket. Geekchild obtains all of his gourmet tastes from American cartoons such as the Family Guy, American Dad and the Simpsons. Thanks to Homer, Peter Griffin and whatever name the American Dad group go by we have had to try banana cream pie, buffalo wings and corn dogs.

None of these wonder foods figure on the Australian menu. And to think mindless, satirical cartoons were non-educational – ha! Judge my parenting if you must, but I’m always up for feeding (pun intended) my children’s desire to learn about other cultures and expand their taste bud horizon. And no, I don’t indulge their sweet tooth, their takeaway food tooth or give into their every whim and desire. It just so happens that I, too, have always wanted to know what in the world was banana cream pie.

Needless to say, a couple of bites in and both Geekchild’s and my curiosity and palate were satisfied. We can now tick banana cream pie off our bucket (pun intended) lists and can appreciate why it does not figure on the Australian menu.

What is this thing called breakfast?

What is this thing called breakfast?

But back to the Cheerios. It just so happens that the Cheerios request happily coincided with a visit to Costco. And there it was the beacon of Cheerios down the end of the aisle beckoning and seducing me with its corn, wheat, oats and rice, 10 vitamins and minerals and no artificial flavours. All 650 gram giant double packs of it.

Me: “Great, they’ve got it, Geekchild is really going to be impressed”

The Committee: “Two packs of 650 gram cereal is too much. Geekchild will be eating Cheerios for 120 consecutive days”

Me: “But it’s here, now. Soooooo convenient”

The Committee: “You can always get a smaller pack back at your local supermarket”

Me: “Listen Committee, when you start having to cope with the strangeness of teens eating habits, you will know that having them eat breakfast before lunchtime is a major achievement. Decision overruled”.

And so here I am some months later eating my sixty ninth consecutive bowl of semi stale Cheerios. Geekchild has had box of cheeriostwo. There’s only about 25 more to go for in one of my more particularly grey moments I bought an additional smaller box from my local supermarket thinking that Geekchild would benefit only to find that the level in the open box had not fallen in a month. You see teenagers don’t tend to tell you when their food passions wane, you are meant to pick up these vibes through subliminal mind transfer and your abilities as a parental oracle.

Uncle Tobys or Nestle if you are reading this please DON’T send me any more Cheerios. I’m grateful that my modern day cereal drama is almost at an end, the finishing line is in sight.

Things I have learned from this experience: everything in moderation and there’s no use crying over stale Cheerios.

Last night, Geekchild came to me and said “this V8 juice is great mum, can you buy another five bottles?” At which point 25 bowls of Cheerios bathed in fruit/vegetable juice flashed before my eyes and I escaped to take refuge in my pantry.

The sacrifices we make for our children…

Have you ever been the victim of your child’s food fads? Are you ever concerned about their eating habits? Would you like a bowl of stale Cheerios?

Blogging, Because You Might Just Learn Something #zerotohero

The WordPress Commissionsers have phoned through with the three next assignments.

Assignment 2: edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget

Assignment 3: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

Assignment 4:  follow five new topics in the Reader, and begin finding blogs (and bloggers) you love.

Blog Title, Tagline and Widget

When I started my blog, it was (and still is) all about exploration. My title had to reflect not only this aspect but also that I was uncovering something I felt should have been obvious and discussed amongst my cohort but was hidden. I briefly toyed with the idea of “lifting the veil” and thought about “carping diems”. I eventually settled on “Raising the Curtain” because it was a common expression, easy to remember and was still available as a URL in the “net” identifier. I will admit to reading Blogging for Dummies ever so briefly before I started which had suggested a custom URL from the beginning for ease of transportability between hosts. This made sense to me because if I was destined for blogging greatness, I could eventually create a brand. Hence the name Curtain Raiser and the curtain banner.

I had this notion that whilst I was waiting for blogging greatness, the least I could do is learn whatever science was behind branding, promotion, and copyrighting through this blog. This blog is therefore not just a personal vehicle, but also a pseudo professional one to learn the technical and creative skills necessary to write persuasively. The content is very much personal, but the blog is also my creative sandpit.

One day, I have my sights on freelancing. When the energy finally claps out and the adrenalin rush of corporate deal making ceases, I hope to have the digital and journalistic skills necessary to become a freelancer. It’s my dream and I firmly believe that I am not too old and it is not too late. Blogging has been a real blessing in a lot of ways, it has taught me a lot and will still teach me even more.

All of this to say, I have not changed either my blog title nor my tagline.

I did however add an “About this Blog” widget to my side bar as the WordPress Commissioners suggested. Sometimes it is not obvious what a blog is about and most readers don’t want to or have the time to read five blog posts to find out. It is not easy to distil what a blog is about in one sentence (even if it is on the slightly longish side), but as it often does, inspiration struck during my morning walk. Creativity and exercise must be related in some way, at least in Curtaindom.

What was on my Mind as a Fledgling Blogger?

Good question. I have answered most of it above.

One other element that was on my mind at the time was signage. You’ll see it referenced in my tagline and in my very first post and

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

comes up routinely in my explorations. I am a journeyman and believe you can’t be taught experience, you can only gain it. The only way forward most of the time is by doing despite the fear and this blog and the A to Z Challenges are all about that. However, I was also hoping for some answers to the changes taking place in my life and within my family dynamics.  More specifically, I was seeking direction and a path for the way forward.

In seeking that, I have discovered that it is not always possible to see that far ahead. Sometimes your visibility is only as far as one step. Whilst that was a worry when I started blogging, it no longer is. One step is all I need to move forward at a time. Sometimes, I still feel the need to strategize and look at the bigger picture, but if the answer is not immediate then I’m far less uncomfortable with that now.

I love the flow I’m going with. And surprise, it’s so much easier than having everything mapped out and being disappointed when things don’t go as expected.

There is no doubt I was looking to grow and have grown through this blog.

There is no doubt, I will continue to do so.

And gosh darn, I’ve gone all deep again and I was meant to be 49 posts away from doing that.

So I’m now off to visit some of my fellow Zero to Hero bloggers to tackle assignment 4 and will leave you with this piece of parenting humour for you to enjoy (because there are definitely days when I feel like this):

Scumbag parents - internet