Cheerio and Welcome to my Modern Day Cereal Drama

I have just finished my sixty ninth consecutive Cheerios breakfast.

Well, almost. I did break up the series one day a couple of weeks ago when I luxuriated in a breakfast of home-made fig jam. I can assure you that the maker of said fig jam did not come from this home for I wouldn’t want my image of the undomestic Goddess to be tarnished. If people know you can cook, it only creates pesky expectations even if you can only sort of cook, so better not to go there.

calm breakfast

This less than cheerful Cheeriofest started some months ago when youngest (Geekchild) proclaimed that he absolutely loves Cheerios and could I please round up some in my weekly hunting and gathering trip to the supermarket. Geekchild obtains all of his gourmet tastes from American cartoons such as the Family Guy, American Dad and the Simpsons. Thanks to Homer, Peter Griffin and whatever name the American Dad group go by we have had to try banana cream pie, buffalo wings and corn dogs.

None of these wonder foods figure on the Australian menu. And to think mindless, satirical cartoons were non-educational – ha! Judge my parenting if you must, but I’m always up for feeding (pun intended) my children’s desire to learn about other cultures and expand their taste bud horizon. And no, I don’t indulge their sweet tooth, their takeaway food tooth or give into their every whim and desire. It just so happens that I, too, have always wanted to know what in the world was banana cream pie.

Needless to say, a couple of bites in and both Geekchild’s and my curiosity and palate were satisfied. We can now tick banana cream pie off our bucket (pun intended) lists and can appreciate why it does not figure on the Australian menu.

What is this thing called breakfast?

What is this thing called breakfast?

But back to the Cheerios. It just so happens that the Cheerios request happily coincided with a visit to Costco. And there it was the beacon of Cheerios down the end of the aisle beckoning and seducing me with its corn, wheat, oats and rice, 10 vitamins and minerals and no artificial flavours. All 650 gram giant double packs of it.

Me: “Great, they’ve got it, Geekchild is really going to be impressed”

The Committee: “Two packs of 650 gram cereal is too much. Geekchild will be eating Cheerios for 120 consecutive days”

Me: “But it’s here, now. Soooooo convenient”

The Committee: “You can always get a smaller pack back at your local supermarket”

Me: “Listen Committee, when you start having to cope with the strangeness of teens eating habits, you will know that having them eat breakfast before lunchtime is a major achievement. Decision overruled”.

And so here I am some months later eating my sixty ninth consecutive bowl of semi stale Cheerios. Geekchild has had box of cheeriostwo. There’s only about 25 more to go for in one of my more particularly grey moments I bought an additional smaller box from my local supermarket thinking that Geekchild would benefit only to find that the level in the open box had not fallen in a month. You see teenagers don’t tend to tell you when their food passions wane, you are meant to pick up these vibes through subliminal mind transfer and your abilities as a parental oracle.

Uncle Tobys or Nestle if you are reading this please DON’T send me any more Cheerios. I’m grateful that my modern day cereal drama is almost at an end, the finishing line is in sight.

Things I have learned from this experience: everything in moderation and there’s no use crying over stale Cheerios.

Last night, Geekchild came to me and said “this V8 juice is great mum, can you buy another five bottles?” At which point 25 bowls of Cheerios bathed in fruit/vegetable juice flashed before my eyes and I escaped to take refuge in my pantry.

The sacrifices we make for our children…

Have you ever been the victim of your child’s food fads? Are you ever concerned about their eating habits? Would you like a bowl of stale Cheerios?

About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

22 thoughts on “Cheerio and Welcome to my Modern Day Cereal Drama

  1. I have had cheerios until my eyes fell out… they are actually good for your heart. I ate them and moderated my diet and actually had my blood pressure drop. But, I do look twice now before I buy them… I think you have earned the right to throw them out, after all, they are stale! I did give in to my daughters wanting Flintsone cereal… small hard pebbles of a supposed fruit flavor, which immediately went soggy in milk, turning the milk an awful color. I gave in because their Dad had just left for a long deployment and they gave me that look that said, ‘We’re stuck with just you for the next year and we really miss Daddy” That was the only time that worked. I personally like banana cream pie… but understand that it is not for everyone. Corn dogs? What was your take on them? Me… I will leave them where they are, awful things… Great post.

    • I have now finished the two open packets and am taking a Cheerios rest. I see that in the States they are marketed as “healthy”. They are not marketed that way here, but it’s probably only a matter of time…Great story about the Flinstone cereal. I have tried to avoid buying sugary cereal for the kids, I said a firm no to Fruit Loops even though Geekchild just says he lurves them.

  2. I don’t think I could ever have nothing but Cheerios for breakfast every morning. I would be bored stupid with it after the first week. Much kudos to you for being able to take up the experiment.

  3. When my daughter was a teen, she changed food lusts every day. “But you said you love this (fill in a food name).”
    She’d roll her eyes and say, “That’s so yesterday, Mom.”
    Too bad you now hate Cherrios. 🙂

  4. Well, at least it’s a low-calorie item! My oldest son eats Cheerios almost every morning, so your boxes wouldn’t have lasted long in my house. But yes, both of my kids get fixated on something, and then, once I stock up on it, they suddenly lose interest.

  5. I just did/ had the usual dramas, no veg eating, apart from that, I’ll hang my head as mine were fairly normal? 2nd question, just they should be eating their veg. 3rd – erm no, but thanks ever so much for asking. You poor darling with the Cheerios, I admire your determination though. I’d stop eating them after the first week ! Maybe you could build something? 😉 xxx

  6. Judy, this so hysterical and true. If a teen is eating breakfast, you are ahead in the game. By the way, not the best of American TV exports liked by Geekchild. I think I gave all three of them a combined five minutes of viewing to realize they were not for me. Having said that, we Americans have some very low art forms in TV with our various pseudo reality shows. Might was well as try the Cheerios and V8; if it works……that is better than sugary soft drinks and food. G’Day mate, BTG

    • We have a huge number of American TV exports. There is no shortage of them to pick from. the kids watch a variety of things, but mostly comedy. Thankfully, they are also passionate about history. I think I’ll give the V8 and Cheerios a miss and stick with water 🙂

      • Judy, my kids loved watching “Mythbusters” and “Dirty Jobs” which were pretty good family fare. My daughter has gotten into the show “Elementary” about a modern day Sherlock Holmes, with Lucy Liu as Watson. My wife and I adore “The Big Bang Theory” which reminds of our eclectic kids. Thank goodness they are not into the faux reality shows. All the best, BTG

  7. I think I do recognize myself in this this story – but in the role of “Geekchild”, and actually at an age when I had long moved out and was fully accountable for having to deal with my own geeky breakfast cereal purchases. I was a die-hard fan of cereals like that for a long time (actually I had the competitor’s product which was called “Fruit Loops”, also in Austria… probably something the patent freaks should check out) … until I suddenly became a fan of the type of why-is-this-called-breakfast-type breakfast you showed in the middle image.

    • We have fruit Loops here to, circles of cereal covered in the food colouring and sugar. I have resisted that one with Geekchild, but do enjoy a cereal breakfast myself. Although a little variety would be nice. As for the real breakfast in that photo, maybe once a month, on weekends only.

  8. I typically have bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast except on Sundays when I have cereal. Sometimes I eat cereal for lunch or dinner because it’s easy to fix. I frequently have a box or two of Cheerios in the cabinet, though I usually go for the flavored or sugary varieties.

    Tossing It Out

    • I agree cereal is a most versatile food, great for a snack also. I usually go with a little flavour also, mostly in the museli line, although I have discovered from a calorie point of view its not that healthy 😦

  9. I always added sugar to my O’s! Sliced banana or strawberries helped, too. No idea why toddlers love the damn things dry. Oh! Do you know anyone with a toddler who might want them? I’m sure the wee one won’t care if they are a bit ancient 🙂

  10. This takes me back to the days of my childhood when all manner of toys were to be found inside cereal packets. My all time favourite being a plastic helicopter. Then there were cards of sporting heroes to be collected. Family Law prevented me opening Weetbix packets prematurely in search of a new card or toy. Whats gone wrong with the cereal business. Where’s my toys. 😦

    • Indeed, they probably taste better than the cereal :). I always hated the promotions that had one in every five packets had something in them. I always picked one of the other four. Ah memories…

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