Introducing the Basmati Rice Man Bag- Fashion Excellence at a Bargain Price

The Italian Stallion remarked the other day that he had not been mentioned in a blog post for a while. This surprised me as the Italian Stallion is generally quite private and has embraced social media to a far smaller degree than I have. However now that the cat is out of the family bag, I really must oblige by featuring him in this post.

The Universe must also have been listening because today it presented me with classic Italian Stallion blog fodder.

It all started with a joint trip to the supermarket for the weekly shop. This is an activity that we have shared at various points during the course of our relationship. There have also been many times when circumstances meant I did the grocery run solo. The aforementioned circumstances being when my piece of mind required it.

ID-10081436Recently it has started to be joint again, and really if you want one of the secrets to a happy marriage, it is this: keep your man away from your shopping trolley. I can handle being advised of inventory control in my run through the aisles “Don’t need that, we already have five packets of it at home” and I can even handle trolley packing for the gifted and talented for the Italian Stallion would never come home with a cracked egg or squashed bread. The Italian Stallion would also never come home with melted anything for he takes the cold product from the fridge or freezer and places it immediately into the cold bag, even though it may be 10 degrees Celsius outside. Such fastidiousness is to be admired if it wasn’t so aggravating in a OCD kind of way. But I am in my zen period, so I choose to keep calm and carry on.

The Italian Stallion is also ever vigilant in the cost savings department. This is not a problem in and of itself, who doesn’t want to save money? But the favoured mechanism of the Italian Stallion is the bulk buy. Let me give you an example, not so long ago I sent the Italian Stallion out for a solo shopping trip which included some carrots that we would serve with dips for some guests. Twenty minutes later, the Italian Stallion proudly waltzes in with a 5 kilogram bag of juicing carrots.

Let me put this in context, we don’t have a juicer. Juicing carrots are usually fatter and less sweet than eating carrots. There is no way our guests could consume one kilo of carrots let alone five.

Nevertheless, the Italian Stallion was beaming.

Today’s incident involved rice. Basmati rice to be exact. Now once again, we are not big rice eaters (yet) and we have been quite content with the white long grain or short grain variety. A one kilo bag usually lasts for a month or two. Despite this a two kilo pack of Basmati rice appeared in the pantry last week. Last week we did not have one meal containing rice, whether of the Basmati variety or otherwise.

The Italian Stallion has cooking chicken korma in his sights. For this, he says, Basmati rice is best. One can only hope that the chicken gets korma’d in the next week or so, because we now have enough Basmati rice to feed a small nation.

Back to our supermarket sojourn. On entering the supermarket we saw it. Snuck into the fruit and veg department was a pallet of 5 kilo bags of Basmati rice. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice the Italian Stallion staring longingly at it. He goes over to the pile looks at the price and walks away. I inch the trolley towards the lettuce and mushrooms, thinking the Italian Stallion is behind me, following. Turning to my right, I notice the Italian Stallion once again looking the pile of Basmati rice. Trying the inventory control technique, I utter “we have a big pack at home, we don’t need it”. He agrees with me and reluctantly leaves the pile.

The latest in smart male fashion - the Basmati rice man bag

The latest in smart male fashion – the Basmati rice man bag

Making our way to the potatoes, I once again get the feeling the Italian Stallion is not with me. Sure enough he is back with the Basmati rice pile checking out the price and looking at it longingly. At this stage, I figure he needs to either buy that Basmati rice, never mind actual need, or move to Pakistan from where it originated. The later might be a bit tricky so…

I let him off the hook and say “If you want it, just buy it”.

No sooner do I utter the words, then he’s grabbing his bag of Basmati rice. He comes back triumphantly and deposits his prize in the trolley.

“What’s with all the Basmati rice?” I ask.

“Nothing, I just really liked the bag and its only $1.00 a kilo.”

Yes, dear readers, for the sake of a cloth printed bag with a zip up top, I will be eating Basmati rice for the next year. And the Italian Stallion will be sporting the latest in supermarket fashion. Lois Vuitton and Channel had better start worrying because the man bag has taken a whole new turn.

Have you ever bought something because you liked the packaging? Do you grocery shop with your spouse? if so, are you still talking to each other?

About the curtain raiserhttp://raisingthecurtain.netI have spent my life in offices. For now I am putting that behind me and preparing for the second act. Middle age didn't come with acceptable signposts so I am making my own through my writing. A journey shared is more fun than going it solo.

36 thoughts on “Introducing the Basmati Rice Man Bag- Fashion Excellence at a Bargain Price

  1. Ermehgerd I so love your posts. What is it with guys and bargains. Mr.S will read the ticket, work out how much per kilo it is then pick the cheapest ..ok so he’s right in doing so, whilst I stand behind him muttering just any will do.. I think the rice man bag may catch on. Very trendy especially with moccies and trackies don’t you think? To answer the afore mentioned questions your honour 😉 no I have never bought anything because of the packaging alone and yes I shop with my spouse, he is actually worse than me, especially in the confectionary aisle ! Loved this xx

  2. I gave up, and I let my husband do the food shopping. Then, again, I finally gave in and just let him take over most of the cooking. Some day, I’ll step back in–probably when we return to the US, but for now, this solution has likely saved our marriage. haha

  3. Judy, one of my sons loves to cook and likes unusual recipes. Which means when he goes back to college we have all of these unusual ingredients that are half empty, or if spices, only 1% empty and holding our cupboards hostage. My wife and I play this game of “Now what was this for?” before we toss expired things. Thanks for the post. BTG

  4. Although I stop at the market during the week for various dinner items, my husband does the main shopping on weekends. He does indeed make some bizarre purchases, but I figure this is the price I must pay to avoid having to do the task myself (I detest grocery shopping). He’s never come home with a bag of rice that big though. Wow, that’s impressive! I have, however, been able to supply our local food drives with some of his over-abundant purchases. 🙂

  5. I would LOVE to have that much basmati! It is so damn tasty. Can’t get it here in large quantities unless you hit up a rare eastern food market. Which for me will never happen as I also have turned over the trolley-jockeying to my hubby. It means I get many many phone calls while he is out (usually ends up with me saying, “no, we don’t have a use for that”). And it means we have 38 cans of beans as he lives in terror of running out. But I don’t ever have to see him leave the cart in mid-aisle and wander away, or leave a rejected purchase in the wrong place, or nearly run over an old lady because he’s in his own little world… And I don’t have to deal with him spending ages looking at crappy electronics, DVD’s, or clothes. Or listen to other people’s kids being kids.

    And yep, I’ve also taught him to cook and he actually likes it, and is good at it, too!

  6. I love Basmati rice and yes, I did buy it for the bag the ONE time. No, I shop alone because there is just moi. Used to shop with my ex long ago. Wrong thing to do. He was like a kid in a candy store. The sweets and cookies in the cart made me gag. 😀

    • Happy to send some Basmati your way, although I think your rice needs will be well and truly covered over the next month or so :). Lollies and sweets are not so much a problem with my guy. Biscuits (cookies) on the other hand…

  7. For the most part my husband likes to shop and am happy to let him. When and if I go it’s because I’m bored and want something different. During the week he looks at all the flyers and whether or not we need it.. (and we never do) he’s likely to visit some of the said stores to buy yet another big package of toilet paper, paper towels and tissues… not to forget the laundry detergent. My lovely large closet, is filled with all his reduced priced bargains…. Diane

  8. This is hilarious 😀
    My partner loves the big stack of printed advertising we get every week and he goes out bargain hunting when he can – apparently like most men 😀
    I am thinking that it stems from the time when men were hunters and had to come home with the entire animal
    and not just a small part. The bigger prey the better 🙂

    • I think you are right, there is a bit of cave man legacy to all of this. Look honey, look what I killed today a humongous bag of……………..
      The challenge is no less noble now 😉

  9. “We” bought one of these 5kg bags because ‘one day my relatives will come to visit and we’ll need it’. The weevils enjoyed it.
    And, you’ve nailed one of the big secrets of a long and happy marriage; ” keep your man away from your shopping trolley.” If supermarkets had play areas for men to go and wait there would be a great deal more joy and serenity in the world.

    • “We” must have lots of relatives to justify a five kilo bag. At lest the weevils were happy, but tell me did you at lest save the bag? Clearly it is seductively special. And what do you mean supermarkets don’t have play areas for men? Isn’t that what the electrical and pest control aisles are for?

      • “Our’ used rice bags store vege seeds until next planting season. I live in hope of supermarkets providing more adult-oriented ‘play’ areas for blokes. What is life without a dream? 🙂

  10. Mary and I do the shopping together since my stroke, and we do quite well together, actually.

    On more than one occasion, we have bought something because it looked tasty on the package. More often than not, we’d have enjoyed eating the package more than the contents.

    Do you have a rice cooker?

    • No rice cooker, unless you count the Italian Stallion :). How great that you and Mary shop well together, defying the usual rule. Sounds like terrific teamwork is at play. Packaging is a tricky beast. I’m sure marketers will inherit the earth one day.

  11. Too funny. We also buy in bulk at Sam’s; but only things like paper goods or canned items that keepforever and a day. I hate grocery shopping, and hubby rather likes it. Why, cause when he goes he buys far more junk food then I do. Just moments ago I made a shopping list for him of needed items, I know he’ll come back with about double the items I put on the list.

  12. hee hee hee! My husband is more about the coupons, despite how much room or product is already in the pantry. I have tried to explain that 20 items at $1 each still makes a $20 dent in my grocery budget. He is not supposed to grocery shop alone anymore due to his numerous crimes against the budget and space. I sent the 16 year old with him this past weekend. The only unauthorized purchase was 2 rolls of paper towels that he got for free. I love the rice man bag!!

    • Hi Andrea. Clearly your 16 year old is effective at keeping hubby on track and from stopping him committing any more crimes against the grocery :). And not only that you ended up with rolls of free paper towels which are perishable. Sounds like a successful trip to me 🙂

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