Let’s Phlog Monday: How Much Does a Grecian Urn?

Answer: About the same amount as a Venetian charges to make a blind.

Sadly, the actual answer right now is probably either nothing or less than half of what he earned about 18 months ago. Hello to all my readers in the Eurozone, hope your weekend is not too shabby and you’re thinking about things far more pleasant than the economy.

Turning to today’s photos…

Another Autumnal day, another photo opportunity and if I shut my eyes I can imagine the Aegean Sea, Mykonos, fishing boats and paradise. Shirley Valentine…eat your heart out. I am dying to place some tables and chairs and have a wine or a coffee at this spot. Come join me for a Grecian adventure in Australia from your web portal.





Wishing you all a good week.


Let’s Phlog Monday: Farewell to Autumn (Fall)

I can feel your excitement and anticipation all the way from down here.

You lucky people in the northern hemisphere springing your tanning lotion, flip-flops, bathers, tank tops and beach towels from their winter confinement. Of course we Aussies wear flip-flops (we call them thongs) all year around. Actually, most of don’t but it’s what we have you believe because we put the casual in laid back.

I’m reading all of these fantastic posts about the start of summer and Memorial Day weekend and thinking about our cold winter ahead.

Now, stop laughing my wonderful readers who live in Britain, United States and Canada. Yes, we don’t have snow where I live and yes, the cold really only lasts for three months of the year. But you see, my idea of cold is anything less than 20 degrees celsius  (68 degrees Fahrenheit) and it looks like we are going to be in for a cold one.

So I’m warming up my hot chocolate, pulling on my woolen scarf and hoping to tantalize you with these pictures of late Autumn along the east coast of New South Wales. Mother nature at her colour palette best.





What’s your favourite season?