A Schlocky Rhyming Christmas

It had to happen sooner or later, so it might well be at Christmas when goodwill to fellow man and blogger is supposedly at its highest.

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This would be a good time to eject if you hate cheese, schlock or have inadverantly landed here only for mental stimulation.

‘Twas the day of Christmas
And all through the house
All creatures were stirring
Even the spouse
The tree was adorned
And the presents destined to fate
For the family members knew
That unwrapping must wait
For Christmas is about people
And they would come first
A feast to celebrate
More than one birth
Yes it’s true that Jesus was born
On this very day
But as luck would have it
So too was the spouse, it’s always been that way
A birthday cake and card
Must also be had
Happy birthday sung
Because he is dad (and can perfom a miracle or two when pressed)
It is a day to come together
And celebrate what matters
A day for laughter
And cross-generational chatter
And after lunch
With stomachs replete
The teens distribute the presents
With much stomping of feet
A whole lot of ripping
Of paper ensues
What’s that odd looking moving gift?
We all haven’t a clue
It seems at the moment
That my idea is not so jolly
Of choosing that Adam and Eve mug
For old Aunt Molly
It’s a little bit naughty
But could cause some grief
When the hot water dissolves
Good ole’ Adam’s fig leaf

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

The food’s a cooking
And all is in place
For the family to descend
And leave more than a trace
So far so good
The situation’s not overly curly
For my mother in law
Has not turned up too early
She usually comes
Two hours before
The critical path time
It’s part of our familty folklore
So, I’m thankful
For small mercies
And look forward to the repast
The time is almost here, it’s coming up fast
So nothing is left
Other than to say
I wish you all a Merry Christmas
[And Happy Birthday, if it’s relevant to you]
And peace and sanity for the day!
The curtain will be raised
Even more tonight
When I blog at Company for Christmas
To make someone’s day seem more bright